3rd Multi Agency Meeting

February 8th 2016 saw our third Multi Agency Meeting.  Our Multi Agency Meetings bring together representatives from all the agencies and organisations responsible for managing the flow of water through Ash Parish.

This meeting in February saw representatives from Surrey County Council, The Environment Agency, Guildford Borough Council, Network Rail, The Ministry of Defence and Thames Water.

The meeting is conducted around our Flood Action Plan which was put together with guidance from The National Flood Forum. The Action Plan details all areas known to the group that impact our flood risk. The agency representatives either answer our questions during the meeting and/or commit to actions to be completed in an agreed time frame.

Yesterday’s meeting was overseen by the group’s Chair, Maggie George. “I’m so pleased to have chaired such a well attended meeting. It gives me confidence that so many individuals in our area are committed to solving the issues we face around flooding.  I’d like to thank all the agency representatives who are key to the success of this initiative and to all the committee members who continue to dedicate their energy, time and invaluable local knowledge. This meeting again brought us that bit closer to solving some of our current challenges.”

The date of the next Multi Agency Meeting is still in discussion to ensure as many representatives as possible are able to attend. Updates will follow on our website for this and the group’s other activities.


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