Flood Re – Petition to Parliament

We were recently contacted by Stephanie Curtis who has started a petition to try to persuade the government to extend the Flood Re scheme to include more of those at risk of flooding and also to continue with the Statement of Principles so more homes are able to obtain insurance at a fair price.

Flood Re has been set up by government to try and help those households who live in a flood risk area find affordable home insurance but of the five million homes considered by the Environment Agency to be at risk of flooding, Flood Re is estimated to only help 350,000 based on the current criteria for eligibility.

Further information about Flood Re can be found on their website floodre.co.uk. Paul Lewis has also written an article about Flood Re on his blog Paul Lewis Money.

Stephanie told us what motivated her to start the petition. “I live in Keswick in Cumbria and I was flooded on 5 December in Storm Desmond. There were approximately 450 premises flooded in Keswick a lot of whom did not have insurance and many of whom will not be eligible for Flood Re.”

The petition needs to raise 10,000 signatures in order to get a response from government but if as many as 100,000 signature are obtained this issue will be debated in Parliament. Please do join us in supporting Stephanie with this very worthwhile cause.

Stephanie’s petition can be found on petition.parliament.uk.


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