Meeting with Michael Gove

Friday 12th Feb 2016, John Barrie and Alun Davies attended a meeting with Michael Gove. Also present were two members of Michael`s staff.

The meeting was productive, and our MP was interested in the problems we are having and the causes we have found.

He was invited to attend the next MAM (multi-agency meeting), to see for himself what actions had been taken.

Hopefully our MP will be free to attend this meeting, and have more time to go through the specific problems and their possible solutions.

He listened carefully to what John and Alun had to say, and soon noticed that surface water flooding was not the only common problem.

His members of staff were both taking notes, copies of maps for Ash Wharf area were left with them.

Copies of correspondence were also left with him concerning the village green / football club and the ditch maps for that area.

A commitment was made that he would look into this, then raise the matter with the appropriate councils.

So hopefully by the next MAM meeting we should have an update on the responses our MP has received from the appropriate councils, if he is not able to attend the meeting himself.


2 thoughts on “Meeting with Michael Gove”

    1. Thank you for your comment. We are still waiting for an update from Mr Gove. However the political situation that now presents itself is inevitably impacting on a reply to our latest email/letters. We remain in regular contact to remind him that we await a response.

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